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The variety of suitcases is huge, but among them there is not a single one that is eternal and resistant to external factors. Their breakdowns are common, because each time these products are exposed to serious impacts. They are tightly filled, filled with other heavy cargo from above, carried on various surfaces, including paving stones and tiles, lifted by a telescopic handle and loaded into the trunk of a car or put on a conveyor belt at the airport. Such tests and natural wear result in the fact that any part can break. It is extremely rare to fix this on your own, because aesthetic appearance is lost or functionality is reduced, and it is impossible to buy original spare parts on free sale. In addition, the time until the next breakdown is significantly reduced. In order not to find yourself in an unpleasant situation when traveling, on a business trip, when moving, it is better to use the repair of suitcases in Moscow in FullService workshops.



Which suitcases can be repaired?

Nothing is impossible for our masters. They will skillfully and accurately repair a suitcase on wheels and without them, as well as restore the functionality of zippers, handles, wheels and locks. You can entrust them with the repair of a plastic suitcase, as well as from other materials:

  • solid — aluminum, polypropylene, polycarbonate, titanium;
  • artificial fabrics — nylon, perlon, etc.;
  • genuine leather;
  • eco-leather.

We accept all types and models of suitcases: with a troll system, legs, one or more handles, with zippers and clips. Also, our specialists can repair products with any type of lock — code, keyboard, key. You can give us a travel, universal, representative, specialized suitcase for restoration.

Our works

In this gallery you can see examples of recent works performed by our craftsmen

The FullService company employs only highly qualified suitcase repair masters in Moscow with at least 16 years of professional experience. Every year our craftsmen repair more than 3,500 suitcases produced by leading manufacturers. We are trusted by Samsonite, Rimowa, Tumi, American Tourister, Wenger, Lipault, Delsey and others. Only original spare parts provided by the manufacturer are used in the work. A guarantee is given for the work performed. Discounts are provided for regular customers.


Common breakdowns

In order for a suitcase to serve for a long time, it must be of high quality, wear-resistant and durable. This will provide you with stable operation for several years without breakdowns, and for rare trips — for decades. However, even the most reliable model can get damaged. Buying a new suitcase is irrational due to its high price, but repair is a profitable solution that will save money and prolong the «life» of the product.


Breakdowns and damages can affect any element:

  • Handles are standard, designed for carrying, and extendable, for which the product is held to roll. Under increased load, they tear, crack, break off and come off.
    Wheels. They account for most of the breakdowns. This is manifested by chips, cracks, creaking, sometimes the part breaks into pieces or even disappears. This happens due to heavy loads, impacts on the surface, clogging.
  • Locks. Most often they completely fail due to mechanical damage. The service of opening locks is also very popular, in the event that the owner forgot the code.
  • Zippers — at the inner pockets and external on the case. They often begin to disperse or jam due to the fact that the suitcase is too full. Also, the fasteners are torn, the teeth are bent or fall off, and the runners break due to contamination, jamming of the lining or threads, weakening of the slider, careless handling, natural wear.
  • Accessories — various hinges, rivets, buttons, grommets, screws that act as fasteners. Very often they open or break due to excessive user efforts.
  • Suitcase legs are needed so that the body is stable, and also does not get dirty due to distance from the ground. With sharp contact with the surface, bumps, careless handling, they can break off.


Basically, the damage is detected at the time of baggage collection at the airport. Employees often carelessly handle passengers’ belongings, causing damage to suitcases during loading and unloading. Usually owners notice chips on the body, broken handles and wheels, as well as faulty fittings. In our workshops, you can use the service of inspection of goods by quality, as a result of which an act is issued for compensation for a suitcase or repair from the airline.


Sometimes users themselves can break the product by packing a lot of things inside or trying to place it in a storage room of the wrong size. Then the repair of bags, suitcases in Moscow in the workshop becomes inevitable. We will not ask how this happened, but simply professionally correct all defects and return the product in excellent condition.


Some manufacturers use flimsy fittings or thin plastic, do not strengthen the frame or use easily deformable metal. Such a suitcase will be enough for 3-5 trips, and it will be more expensive to repair it than the product itself costs.

Price list

Suitcase wheel repair
from 2000 ₽
Suitcase wheel replacement
from 2500 ₽
Cleaning the suitcase wheel
500 ₽
Repair of the sliding handle of the suitcase
from 2500 ₽
Replacement of the extendable handle of the suitcase
from 3500 ₽
Repair of the portable handle of the suitcase
from 1500 ₽
Replacement of the portable handle of the suitcase
from 1500 ₽
Making a suitcase handle
from 5000 ₽
Opening the combination lock of the suitcase
from 1000 ₽
Suitcase combination Lock Repair
from 1500 ₽
Replacing the suitcase combination lock
from 3000 ₽
Repair of the side lock of the suitcase
from 1500 ₽
Replacing the side lock of the suitcase
from 2500 ₽
Suitcase body repair
from 3500 ₽
Restoration of the suitcase case
from 3500 ₽
Cleaning the suitcase case
from 1500 ₽
Suitcase Runner Repair
from 1500 ₽
Replacing the suitcase slider
from 1500 ₽
Suitcase Zipper Repair
from 2000 ₽
Suitcase Zipper Replacement
from 11500 ₽
Replacing the suitcase carabiner
from 1500 ₽
Conclusion on the non-maintainability of the suitcase
500 ₽
Seam restoration
from 1500 ₽
Suitcase Lining repair
from 2500 ₽
Replacing the suitcase lining
from 7500 ₽
Replacing the suitcase footrest
from 1500 ₽
Replacing the cross strap of the suitcase
from 1500 ₽
Replacing the suitcase loop
from 1500 ₽
Non-standard works

A detailed price list for services in FullService salons can be found at the link.

Our advantages

Fix it yourself or give it for repair?

Most of the malfunctions and damages are subject to repair. To do this, you need not only the appropriate skills, but also special tools and branded parts. At the same time, the latter still need to be correctly selected in shape, color, texture, and it is impossible to buy them at retail, because suitcase manufacturers do not allow the sale of original spare parts at retail (with a high probability it will be a fake or a low-quality analogue), but only transfer them to their authorized service centers for repair (such as FullService). Self—repair is a temporary and short-term measure.



Advantages of professional repair

When ordering suitcase repairs on our website, you get a high-quality service due to the following features:

  • The craftsmen have at least 16 years of experience, so they do their work carefully, quickly and professionally;
  • We have gained experience in solving problems of any complexity in practice;
  • We have our own huge warehouse of original spare parts.


The professional repair of plastic suitcases in Moscow in the FullService workshop, like other models, has the following advantages:

  • There are no visible traces of restoration;
  • We immediately announce the price and do not change it, so you do not have unpredictable expenses;
  • We provide a guarantee for all the work performed;
  • We provide a guarantee for spare parts that were ordered from us during repair;
  • We eliminate the problem qualitatively — it will not return to you for a very long time;
  • We use branded components.



Suitcase repair in Moscow in FullService salons

Our studio performs a full range of work on the restoration of suitcases. Masters carry out such works:

  • Our studio performs a full range of work on the restoration of suitcases. Masters carry out such works:
  • Repair and replacement of a wheel or wheel block.
  • Cleaning the wheels.
  • Repair of the handle, including telescopic.
  • Full fill of handles.
  • Repair and replacement of the lock.
  • Repair of the carbine, including with refilling.
  • Repair of the zipper of the inner pocket.
  • Repair of broken housing (sealing cracks).
  • Repair and replacement of the combination lock.
  • Opening the combination lock.
  • Eliminate the tear of the outer fabric and lining.
  • Sizing of the plot.
  • Installation and replacement of stops.
  • Installing the rivet.
  • Installation of the button, including with firmware work.
  • Decorative patches on the corner scuffs of the edging and the body.
  • Repair and replacement of external zipper or latch.
  • Updating the color of the leather suitcase.
  • Painting a suitcase made of leather.
  • Restoration of scuffs, etc.


Most malfunctions can be fixed within 1 to 3 days. This applies to replacing the wheel, installing rivets and buttons, repairing handles. However, it will take more time to properly repair a crack on the case, replace the zipper, restore the leather trim, remove scuffs or eliminate a tear on the fabric and lining. Usually it takes from 3 to 5 days to repair suitcases.


We have the largest warehouse of original spare parts in Eastern Europe. Due to this, it takes a minimum of time to restore products, even if we are talking about a limited edition of a brand.


Repairs and replacements in suitcases can also be carried out urgently. This must be specified in the application for the provision of the service. The terms of the work, as well as their cost, are discussed in advance with the manager.


One of the important advantages of the FullService workshop is the provision of courier delivery. At the same time, our employee can pick up the suitcase at a convenient time for you and from anywhere in Moscow, and after the restoration bring it to your designated place.



Authorized service of TOP manufacturers

Many well-known brands with a worldwide reputation call FullService the best service in Eastern and Southern Europe, Central and Northern Asia, Turkey and Russia. In the status of an authorized service, we carry out warranty and non-warranty repair of suitcases in Moscow inexpensively and efficiently for products of such brands:

  2. BRIC’S
  4. TUMI
  12. DISNEY


We started work in 2010, and in 13 years we have repaired over 70 thousand suitcases. Our masters have specialized education and have taken courses from top brands in Germany. All work is carried out on advanced equipment and with the use of premium materials. Our service also issues certificates on the cost of restoring property or the impossibility of repairing if the baggage was damaged by the carrier, including the airline.



Addresses of Full Service suitcase service centers

Ask for the repair of suitcases in Moscow at the addresses of our salons:

  • Smolenskaya Ploshchad, 3 – Smolensky Passage shopping centre (Smolenskaya metro station);
  • Savvinskaya Naberezhnaya, 3 (Kievskaya metro station);
  • Michurinsky Prospekt, 24 (Ramenki metro station).


Call us to repair suitcases on wheels in Moscow, as well as other types of such products, regardless of how complex the problem is. We will help you quickly, competently, accurately and without worries for the client.

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    Customer reviews

    Elizaveta Peskova
    I don't like to throw away old things, because I believe that in most cases they can be put in order, not only externally, but also, as they say, energetically. Thanks to FullService for helping with my favorite things that just couldn't be replaced!
    Olesya Malinskaya
    Top Model, Blogger, Designer
    Not every master can be trusted to repair shoes and bags from TM, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik or Hermes. Thanks to FullService for a job well done! Now I do all the repairs and cleaning bags only with you!
    Jacqueline DeGusar
    Model, TV presenter
    It's not the first year I've been using Full Service services. I am very glad that there is a place where not just professionals in their field work, but people who relate to their work with awe and delight.
    Elena Vorobey
    Honored Artist of Russia
    Thank you for your efficiency and professionalism!!! With respect and gratitude, Elena Vorobey.

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    How to get a consultation?

    Just send a photo of the problem in a convenient way for you - chat on the website, WhatsApp, the feedback form above or e-mail. Within 10 minutes, the craftsmen will estimate the cost of repairs and we will immediately inform you.

    How do I place an order?

    You can hand over the products in any of our salons or place an order in the field service department:

    • — Leave a request on the website and wait for our call
    • — Agree on the order details, price and convenient time
    • — Wait for the courier at the appointed time
    • — We will do the work on the order and deliver it back
    Where are the salons located?

    Our salons are located at the following addresses:

    • — Smolenskaya Ploshchad, 3 (Smolenskiy Passazh shopping centre)
    • — Savvinskaya Naberezhnaya, 3
    • — Michurinsky Prospekt, 24

    Detailed information about the salons is available on the contacts page.

    Do you have a delivery?

    Yes, we have. For your convenience, there is a field service department with its own courier service. We can pick up and/or deliver the products. Detailed information and terms of delivery are available on the this page.

    What are the terms and payment methods?

    The order can be paid for both when the product is put into repair and when it is accepted from repair. Cash, bank cards, on-line payment (via Robokassa service) are accepted for payment.

    Is there a guarantee for the work performed?

    We are confident in the quality of our work, so we provide a 30-day guarantee for all work performed.

    Will you not spoil the product?

    Our craftsmen will not allow this :). But if this happens suddenly, we will refund the cost of the product by receipt.

    What if you don't return the product back?

    Our company has been operating since 2010 and values its reputation. A receipt form (contract) is issued for each order, where the accepted products and services are listed, the signature of the accepted product is indicated and the details of our organization are indicated. You can also study reviews about us on the Internet or visit any of our 4 salons in the center of Moscow to make sure of our reliability.

    What should I do if I am not satisfied with the quality of the work?

    If you are not satisfied with the quality, we will redo or refund the money. Our company employs craftsmen and technologists with more than 16 years of experience. Consumables from leading European manufacturers are used for repairs. Only original spare parts and accessories are used for replacement. After the work is completed, all products undergo a three-level quality control system.